Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nasty, creepy critters

I am talking about rats. We had an infestation of these loathsome creatures take up residence in our attic and they somehow found their way into the house. Yuk!
So far we have trapped FIVE rats, and am happy to say that the traps have been empty for the past two weeks. Perhaps we have caught all of the little varmints,.

Yesterday, I set up this nice bird feeding station Santa brought me, and am now waiting for the first bird to discover it and spread the word.I waited this long in setting out bird food as I did not want to encourage the rats to stick around. I have my fingers crossed that we have trapped all of them, only time will tell.


Randy Emmitt said...

Betting you have just scratched the surface on the rodents. You might want to take a different approach to make sure they have not figured out the traps. I could send you our expert mouser Valentine, she has never to my knowledge caught a rat, but she does get her share of squirrels. Mice are very hard to find around here now that she is here.

Gail Wilson said...

Yikes, not the kind of house guests you want to stick around! I hope you are winning the battle!!

Mary Lou said...

I have a condo under my house I think. All different colors! two white lab-size rats/mice, cocoa brown, tan, dark brown. Sadie keeps themn down when she is out there, but as soon as she comes in, they are back! And yes, I feed the birds too.

Gail Wilson said...

Are you winning the "battle" yet!!