Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Enough already!

My goodness, I don't know what came over me! Early last year I did a good job of tracking my daily calories via My Fitness Pal and managed to drop some pounds, then I just stopped making the effort and paid for it by gaining the weight back.
Of course it didn't help that I had three falls this last year, and was, and still am, in pain quite often. Today I go in for ex rays to see if we can track down the source of my discomfort.
January the 3rd I decided I have had enough of feeling sorry for myself, being depressed about my weight gain, and eating more to console myself, and went back to tracking my calories, and what a difference in my attitude. I think it all comes down to being accountable, as I record my progress on Fitness Pal for all to see, and who wants to fail, when people are watching *grin*
I really like My Fitness Pal as it is free and there is a great community of support. If you are interested in losing a few or many pounds, stop by My Fitness Pal and check out their site.

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Gail Wilson said...

Hey Keewee, that could have been me writing this post. I have come to the same conclusion and I am heart broken that I have done this to myself. I will check into My Fittnes Pal.
Good luck at the Dr. too.
Hugs Gail