Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We are ready for Spring

Here in western WA we have had some nasty weather. Yesterday they were forecasting for lots of snow starting around 4 to 5pm, well it didn't hit in some places until about two hours later. I changed my hours of work so I could drive home at 5pm with the idea that I can see the snowy roads better in daylight. Well, I was lucky to be able to get home on bare roads, get settled in and wait to see when the snow will arrive.
I went to bed around 9 pm, and still no snow, I got up at 11pm and looked out the window to a beautiful sight of a yard blanketed in soft fluffy snow.
Sometime early this morning, it started to rain and some of the now melted, the rain stopped and the wind came up so there is still quite a lot of snow around our place to melt away. I know that by the time I drive the main highway later this afternoon, the roads will be clear of this mess. Across the pond, in the Seattle area, they are having to drive very slushy freeway, and icy, slushy side roads. We will all be thankful when Winter leaves us, and spring arrives on our doorstep.


Gail Wilson said...

We had about 2 1/2 inches early last evening and I was thrilled to look out the window early this morning and see that it was ALL gone. 50 degrees at 8:30 this am. It would be wonderful if this winter was over wouldn't it???
Hugs, Gail

Anonymous said...

Snow on the ground is oooh sooo pretty, but everytime I have to leave the warmth of home, I get the feeling I'm walking straight into a refrigerator - - I quess, once a Southerner - always a Southerner. Oh and back in South Africa everyones sweating like crazy.....!!! :-)
Take good care on the road Keewee.