Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh! my gosh, did you see those hats?

Yes I know the Brits are rather fond of hats, but goodness, there is a limit. I cant' believe that some of the hats worn at the Royal wedding were reported as the best. Even though I have
British/Irish/Scottish blood flowing through my veins, I would not bee seen dead wearing some of those creations. Can you imagine little 5 foot nothing me, wearing something the size of a beach umbrella, and looking decidedly less attractive, or a hat defying gravity perched over my brow, probably anchored in my hair by a dozen bobby pins. Jeez!
How about the one worn by Princess Beatrice, some sort of bow thingie creation worn on her forehead, it will be the buss of the town for weeks, as will be many of the others.


betty-NZ said...

It's all a matter of opinion, isn't it?! I wonder who decided hats should be worn on your forehead....?

cassie-b said...

I liked hers the least. Some of them were cute - and some a bit absurd. I don't wear hats, so am probably not qualified to comment.


lom said...

These little hats (?) that are worn on the forehead or perched on the side of the head are called fascinators, all the rage here at the moment. I am thing of having a huge one for sis-in-laws wedding, but hubby says I can’t have one that will take up a whole row of seats. He’s no fun!