Monday, April 18, 2011

OMG is it really, where are my sun glasses? I am blinded. I do believe the sun is showing it's face.

Spring seems to be coming and going here in the Pacific Northwest. We have had snow, hail, copious amounts of rain, and as yet, not a whole lot of sun.
I had planned to spend Saturday out in the garden, but the rain drumming on our roof in the wee early hours of the morning put a stop to that idea, although we did get a short break in the afternoon. I took advantage of the break to run out to the veggie garden to sow some parsnip seeds, cover them with some row cover fabric to prevent them washing away, and get back indoors before the next downpour.
Perhaps the sun may shine a little today, so I can pull some of the weeds which are taking over my flower beds.
Yesterday we were in Puyallup at a shooting match, and enjoyed the sun on our faces for practically the whole day. Oh! what a treat to feel the warmth instead of the usual shivering and shaking as we wait for our turn to compete. I shot fairly well, and I know it is partly to do with being relaxed, due to being warm instead of having fingers and a body stiff from being cold. I will know better when I see our scores, which should be in a day or so.


Drang said...

Did I mention that I got SNOWED on on my way to work the morning of the 18th? I didn't?

cassie-b said...

We had sunshine two days ago. It was marvelous. I'm so anxious to get out to the garden. Don will till it this week, I think.
And I just can't wait.
Now I'm off to buy some sunglasses.