Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A camping trip at it's finest

Every year we make the trip from Whidbey Island to eastern WA, to meet with our friends of The Fishin' Club.
We all stay at Coulee Playland resort on Bank's Lake and look forward to enjoying lots of fishing, camaraderie, a potluck dinner and some nice warm weather.

There are a couple of routes you can take to get to Bank's Lake, we prefer the beautiful drive up over the North Cascade highway. This year there was an exceptional snowfall, and still evidence of it to be seen.

I heard on the news, that the road crews had to clear some 60 feet of snow from some areas of the road in preparation for the opening of the highway. That is a lot of snow removal.

We arrived at the campground late on Thursday, launched our boat, parked the RV in our campsite and settled in for a few days of fun.
Picture taken of the lakeside campsites as we came back from a fishing trip.

Our little Sunrader RV. Compared to most other RV's it is small, but we get good gas mileage, and it has all the amenities a person needs, in short, it suits us and our budget.

Friday evening, Kevin cooked on the B-B-Q oysters he raises, while the rest of us played a game. I was never fond of oysters, but these, which were smothered in a seasoned butter after they were cooked, were tasty.

mmmm,mmmmm good!

Mr C and I love to motor into some of the smaller bays around the lake in search of bass. This one is surrounded by towering walls of rock and you could get a kink in your neck if you scan the heights for any length of time. I am always interested in what manages to grow on the rock face.

Looking up at the craggy rocks way above our heads. It is amazing how the trees and plants manage to survive in such a bare environment.

Looking back out of the bay at what is known as Lover's lane. This is where you can get through to go further on up the lake. As we have a small (12 foot) aluminum boat, we don't go too far from the campground, as the weather can change very quickly, the lake becoming extremely choppy, not a good thing to be out in, in a small boat.

Not worth keeping a fish which is not much larger than the lure, but fun to catch and release.

Then there was an incident when a crawdad pot was tossed out, by someone who will remain nameless *grin*, the two halves separated and sank to the bottom. Fortunately Mr C was going out in the boat and was able to snag the unsecured half with a boat hook, and return it to shore to be firmly secured to the other half.

Saturday is the day we all overindulge in a potluck dinner. We usually eat anywhere between four and five pm so those keen fishermen who want to, can go out for a few hours fishing before nightfall, and the rest of us can sit around the campfire, burp, and tell stories. *chuckle*

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edtNZ said...

Nice weekend by the sounds of it keewee. We have been having an unseasonable warm autumn/early winter here in NZ. Having said that I will drag my duvet out of the top cupboard for tonight. Minus4C forecast. Regards from New Zealand.