Monday, June 13, 2011

First my car, NOW my camera

Sheesh! I can't win for losing. Last week my car broke down, then, thankfully at the end of our mini vacation to Banks Lake WA, my camera refused to work. I turn it on and you can hear it making noise but the lens does not come out. I smacked the camera a few times thinking a piece of grit may have found it's way down beside the lens, but no, it still does not want to work. Oh! well, it is probably time to retire my Kodak Easy share anyway. It did take very nice pictures and I liked the features, so I want something similar which will not cost me an arm & leg. Anyone out there have any recommendations. I did go online and came away very confused, as there are many, many cameras and the ones I look at seem to cost a whole lot, I really do not want to spend too much as I still have to buy my airfare to New Zealand, and that is expensive.


betty-NZ said...

Sorry to hear about your car and camera. I know it's tough when things you are attached to give up the ghost.

I can't give you any specific advice about a camera even though I'm looking for one myself. I am just going to look for one that has lots of pixels and lots of zoom with a good macro button.

Let us know what you decide.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Keewee: I carry a Canon A1100IS, which takes good video and does better on Macro than my bigger Canon. It cost $130 a few years back, and the model that took its place in the Canon lineup is the A 1300IS. The new one is smaller, more pixels, and at the Mt. Vernon Staples was priced at $100 recently. It has a view finder, so you can stretch the batteries by turning off the screen. My A1100IS really eats the AA's fast when I use flash, but I think all cameras will do that.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

OOPS! I told you wrong. It is the A1200 that has a viewfinder. Abes of Maine has them for $110 with free shipping. Not as many options on selecting type of photo on the dial, but the video is 720p.

The A1300 does not have a viewfinder, and costs more