Sunday, July 31, 2011

Friday morning we finished loading our RV for the long drive to Smelterville, which is just outside of Kellogg Idaho, to compete in the Eddy Brown Memorial steel pistol match.
We arrived late in the afternoon, drove out to the range to check it out, then came back to camp out beside the river for the night.

I whipped up a quick meal of bacon, hash browns and eggs for our supper which we ate while watching the river. It was so relaxing to just sit and watch the water flow by, especially for Mr C after such a long drive.

The water was so calm you could see the far bank, and trees mirrored on the surface of the water.

A couple of guys drifted on by, one rowing the boat while the other was fly fishing.

Early next morning, we drove out to the range and on our way in, we passed by the old zinc smelter facility. The range is located further up the valley from this facility and we were told that many inches of the contaminated topsoil had been removed and replaced with clean soil.

The day was a little cool at 7am but soon warmed up.

The 'Friends of the NRA' set up, as a fundraiser, breakfast and lunch in the building. They had all kinds of breakfast rolls, they cooked hamburgers and hotdogs on a BBQ and had coffee, soda and water.

The hills on either side of the range rose straight up, and as the day wore on and the sun beat down, it became very uncomfortable in the trapped heat.

Thank goodness we had some shelter from the burning sun, but there wasn't all that much relief from the heat. I wet a large men's handkerchief with water, and tied it around my neck, and that helped cool me down a little.

The long drive to get there, the heat and pesky flies at the range, were all worth it, as I came home with this award for placing second. Mr C placed first, and another person in our squad placed third in .22 rimfire. Two other members of our squad also went home with awards for winning in other classes.

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GAIL said...

Congratsulations on your trophy Jenn...that's awesome...and Mike did pretty good too! :)
Hugs, Gail