Monday, August 08, 2011

Late Friday afternoon we left the island on the ferry to Mukilteo, then fought the freeway traffic on our way to Moxee, which is just out of Yakima, to shoot in an eight stage steel challenge.
As the range is now going to charge $15 just to park on the property over night, we decided to save our money and park at a rest stop a short drive before reaching Yakima.

We have driven over this bridge many times and knew it was high up from the valley floor, but until we pulled into the rest area and looked back at it, we didn't realize just how far down it was, or up, depending on your point of view.

As dusk fell over the land, we settled in for the night sharing the parking lot with many semi trucks. Those guys are huge, even more so when we park our little RV beside one.

Optical illusion, the RV is really not that much smaller, it is just that the truck is in front of the RV and the angle of the photo which makes our home on wheels look like a 'match box toy'

Jeanette, 'my shooting sister' having a grand time.

Mr C shooting his new gun.

I tried out Mr C's new gun a few weeks ago, but it was a little more than I am comfortable with. It has since been worked on, and the ammunition fine tuned so it does not have near as much recoil. Even so, I will not be shooting this gun, instead Mr C is going to work on a different one that I can shoot, along with my .22 High Standard.
As usual, we had a great weekend competing and enjoying the company of our friends. We are shooting another match this weekend, then off to CA next week where Mr C is competing in The World Steel Challenge.

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