Monday, August 29, 2011

Steel Challenge........part two

A few photos taken on the first day of competition.
As usual, it was hot and dusty, but that is all worth it when we get to see our friends we have made over the years, and for Mr C to compete once again in this event.
Our friend Jim O sums it all up with these words. Over the last 25 years, for myself and many other Steel Challenge competitors, this barren, hot & dusty land has always been "The happiest place on earth".

Mr C wondering why I called his name from the top seat of the bleachers. Just wanted to take his photo, that's all!

Some of our squad watching another member shooting.

Alexis and parents.

Mark, our Aussie friend.

Alexis is a sweet young lady and also a very fine shooter.

Brooke has a very strong stance, and a good shooter to boot.

Awww gee! Jonathon is a real little cutie, and was so good all day long. Both his parents were competing.

Ken wears the coolest shirts, and he is a very strong competitor.

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