Saturday, February 18, 2012

What is going on? if anything.

Very early this morning as I was enjoying my first cup of coffee of the day, I heard the sound of a helicopter. We often hear them fly over and don't pay too much attention, but this time the noise grew louder and louder, but did not fade away.

Curiosity got the better of me so I put my coffee aside and went to look out the front window.

I saw that a coast guard helicopter was making passes over the marshland, then circling around to come back to hover over the shoreline in front of the houses.

The coast guard helicopter approaching the shore.

The wind was ferocious this morning, as you can tell by the whitecaps on the water of the bay. I am sure the pilot of the chopper had his hands full keeping the craft stable in the gusting wind.

The helicopter hovered here for some time before turning and circling around again. This happened about three or four times, before it finally turned a final time and flew off over the bluff. Makes a person wonder what on earth was going on down there.


Jean Campbell said...

Hi, wonder what was going on? Maybe just training exercises?

I'm following up on bloggers who followed my Dotty pants blog some time back to see if they're still blogging. I see you are. Loved the aqua pots in your other blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn, WoW, it's so nice to see you on the blog again,,, I've been checking and checking...!! Nevermind as long as you're all OK and fine.

One day before Xmas the Heli was hovering over our building , I stood still with my camera, but it looked as if they removed gi-normous trees from dot A to deposit it to dot B. Didn't notice anything special so I kept the pics in hiding . . , heee heee!!! Take good care dear Jennifer and let hear of youself on the blog OR on FB. Always nice to read your posts - - - - GINCO

Mr. Engineering Johnson said...

Hey there! I Dirtcrashr gave me a 'Liebster' so I'm passing it on to you. Cheers!