Sunday, August 28, 2005

Not Embarrassed

Table set with three rows of pins for the "fun shoot"

Mr. Completely "smokin" a few pins

Table set with pins and shotgun casings


I am happy to report I left the shoot with my head held high, somehow I managed to find that special gut feeling of confidence and aggression towards the pins that seemed to be lacking the last few shoots. I came in second overall after shooting against Jim, then Rainey, and finally against Al who was in top form, he really "toasted" me.

We finished the pin shoot early, so decided to have a fun shoot. The first table was set up with five full size pins just balanced on the back of the table, then a row of five pin tops in the middle, then three pin tops in the front. The object was to shoot all the pin tops off with out knocking any of the full size pins off the table, if you did knock any of the full size pins over or off the table you were done shooting.The full size pins were shot off the table once all the pin tops had been shot off the table. We also had to stay behind the shooting station table, we could move to the right or left so long as our outside leg did not pass the edge of the table.

Mr. Completely managed to clear all the pins off the table, you should have heard the "yahoo" he was still feeling the sting of defeat from the first pin shoot of the day. I managed to get seven pins off the table before knocking one of the full size pins over thereby ending my turn.

Then Al decided to get even more creative by placing spent shotgun cases between the full size pins on the back of the table and pin tops in the middle and front row. I was thinking to myself, now here is a challenge. the shotgun shell casings are dark red and blend with the berm in back of the table, how the heck am I going to see those?

Darned if I know how I did it but I managed to get all pins and shell casings off the table with just one round remaining in the clip. Oh, I forgot to mention we could only have twenty rounds to get the job done. It was my turn to "Yahoo"

The last picture is Pegi showing just one of her creative stances. Pegi was doing very well on this table but missed her target a couple of times meaning she was just one round short to get all the pins and casings off the table, this placed her second behind me.

We all had a fun filled day.

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