Sunday, August 14, 2005

Whew! it's warm

I was too warm inside so I decided to take my camera outside and see what I could find.

All these wonderful plums are now out of reach for the bunnies now the new fence is finished, though we do pick some and toss them to our long eared friends.

The birds sure are getting their fair share of plums. You walk out of the front door and flocks of crows take to the air from the trees.

See how well my flowers are doing now the bunnies are fenced out. All I have to deal with now are the bugs eating on some of the plants.

As this is a new garden, I have discovered that some plants will have to be moved to a new location next season for them to do better, all a case of learning what conditions plants require to thrive and do their best.

This bunch of young starlings were enjoying a cool bath.

It is fun to watch their squabbles over who is to take his bath first, especially when they have splashed nearly all the water out of the bath leaving just a couple of inches.

The bird bath was filled three times today.

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Anonymous said...

Your garden and bird bath are wonderful Jenn. What beauty you have brought to this wonderful place. gail