Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Rocket is aptly named, as he loves to run, he streaks up and down the stairs, along the hallway and through the living room at a great rate of speed.

One of rocket's favorite places to sit and watch birds is on the corner of my computer desk. He spends a great deal of time watching the birds eating from the feeder which is stuck to the glass with suction cups.

It is fun to watch Rocket and the birds, and imagine what they are thinking. I can almost hear the birds saying, "sure glad they keep that cat indoors"
We are always telling Rocket that the birds would not be much fun to play with as they break too easily.

Rocket is a very independent cat, he loves to be petted and brushed, but does not like to sit on our laps or be picked up, he definitely is the boss around here.

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The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I love cat-blogging.