Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Childhood Memories

Standard 3 1957 Hokowhitu School
Palmerston North New Zealand
Standard 3 is about grade 5 USA

I will not point out where I am in the photo, but I will say, I am the cutest girl.

A few weeks ago I came across some old school photos and started wondering what life had brought all these kids I had gone to school with.

I decided the way to go, was to do a Google, people search in New Zealand, and came across a web site called Old Friends. On this site you can find old school friends, people you used to work with and even friends from service clubs.

The 'Old friends' site, is set up in such a way, that you have to add the names of people you would like to hear from on 'your friends' list, then you can send an email to one of these friends through 'old friends' and the person receiving the email, can reply to your email if they so wish.

The few photographs I have kept all these years, I posted on the school web sites, entering as many names of the kids, I could remember, in the grid underneath the photos.

The response to the photos, and the messages I left on the site to be forwarded by 'Old friends' has been very rewarding, a number of people have made contact already and we are enjoying trading stories of the last 48-50 years.

I am looking forward to hearing from many more of my old school friends.

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