Tuesday, November 07, 2006

First day of rest

Early this morning as I opened the front door to check on the weather, a Chinese Pheasant was about 12 feet from the front step.
I knew I had startled him but decided to grab my camera anyway. As I re-opened the front door the Pheasant was still close by, but this time he did not care for the interuption to his foraging for breakfast, and hurried off across the pasture towards the neighbors.
I did manage to snap one rather blurry picture as he dashed away.
I just love the bright colors of the Pheasant's plumage, a very elegant looking bird, but they have a very *hard on the ears* harsh cry.

Now I am going to enjoy the first of my six days away from my job, by snuggling into my favorite chair with a good book.


Mary Lou said...

I almost hit one in front of the Firing range last week. Damn thing ran right out of the ditch onto the road, I slammed on my brakes and he flew over the the top of the car! Damn! I was tasting me some pheasant for dinner.

Anonymous said...

enjoy the book...cool picture of the bird. I like birds.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy you time off.