Thursday, November 16, 2006

We made it through this one.

It is warmer in the house this morning, a far cry from yesterday.

I woke yesterday morning around 6:30 am and turned over to look at the clock, it was black, no lit numbers at all, I could hear the willow tree slapping the house as it was being blown around in the gusty wind, and the rain was pelting the metal roof. Only one conclusion to be drawn, THE POWER WAS OFF.

I was due to be at work at 9:30 so decided to pull the covers up over my head and stay warm until the power came back on and I could get ready for work. I snuggled under the covers and waited for some sign of returning power. From my warm nest I heard the muffled sound of the phone ringing, my boss called to tell me to stay home, she would go down to the spa and call any clients on the books and reschedule them. After a couple of hours she called back to tell me the spa would be closed for the day.

We stayed snuggled under the covers until about 11:30 before hunger drove us towards the kitchen. I had a Sterno cooker up in one of the top cupboards and dragged it down, heated some water and made a pot of coffee. I filled a thermos with extra coffee and settled down with a book.

Mr.C went out to his workshop and brought in a large propane heater and fired it up. It has the roar of a jet engine but oh! the wonderful warmth it put out, in a matter of minutes the chill was off the air and not much longer we turned it off until the house cooled to where we needed more heat.

So we did make it through the day, with plenty of hot coffee, munchies and warmth, it was kinda like camping out.


Ginco said...

One advantage of a storm - you get to stay in bed a little longer, and enjoy a day off, LOL!!!

Rivrdog said...

You have propane, you need a gas cooker.

To me, the adventure in a blackout is not how well you can do with primitive equipment, but how close you can come to normal with your equipment.

That means a warm home, electric light.

Think gas cooker, and small generator set.

Anonymous said...

I find that a power outage, for me, is often a reality check. It always surprises me just how much I rely on electricity and its magic. Glad to hear you weathered the storm.

Anonymous said...

Only you could make having no power sound like fun!