Friday, February 09, 2007

Girl's Day Out

There was no time for blogging this morning. My friend Joyce and I had planned on being at a yard sale bright and early this morning.

We arrived at St. Hubert's church to find the parking lot almost full. We wandered around looking for bargains. I found a couple of books and Joyce found a few things of interest. We then headed north to Oak Harbor for shopping and lunch.

I just love primroses and could not resist buying more.The colors are so bright and cheery at this time of year. I think these three will do very nicely right by the front door.

Seems I am getting quite a collection of wind chimes. I am particular when it comes to the tone of the chimes. Some metal chimes are not very tuneful ( is that a word?) anyhow, this little snail chime has a pleasant sound indeed.

For the last couple of years, I have been meaning to buy stepping stones to put in the garden, so I would be more careful where I was stepping. Several of my plants have been flattened underfoot.These three I found at a dollar store. Yah! I love a bargain.

I hope no one can hear me sing.

The inscriptions on the stepping stones are fantastic. We should live our lives just how they suggest.

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Anonymous said...

Now this sounds like a very fun filled day.. shopping and lunch. I too love wind chimes and the stepping stones are lovely.