Thursday, February 01, 2007

Senior Striders Outing

It has been several weeks since I have joined the Senior Striders for one of their Thursday morning walks. Today I did not have anything else I had to do, the day was sunny and fairly warm for this time of year, so off I went to enjoy a nice walk and the company of new friends.

Today we decided to walk the trails around Greenbank Farm. There is a nice cafe where you can enjoy the best homemade soup, or maybe a piece of homemade loganberry pie may tempt you, and there is also a wine shop. During the summer months you can buy from the farmer's market held every sunday.

Besides the old farm equipment, there is a pond to the right, where ducks and geese were swimming and enjoying the sun.

As you start up one of the trails across the pasture land, you can look west towards the Olympic mountains.

Then from the same spot, turn around, and you are looking out at the north tip of Camano Island, and the Cascades in the far distance.

Helen, Stan, Virginia, Susie, Velma, Jeanne.

After walking the pasture trail, we entered a forested area. With all the rainfall we get here, the moss grows extremely well.

A nice little clearing.

We all enjoyed our walk across the pasture trail, through the wooded area, across more pasture trail and back to the parking lot where we started. Every week we explore new trails, and once in a while, revisit trails we have already walked, so new people who have joined our group can enjoy the beauty of this beautiful island we live on.

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mistaya's M.O.M. said...

What pretty weather for you hike! I am glad your weather is turning warmer for you guys.