Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kiwi Talk

BRASSED OFF : disappointed, annoyed

I am feeling a little "brassed off" with the weather. One day it is 60F the next day it is 40F Today it is the first day of spring, and it is cold, wet, and windy.

So, come on Mother Nature GET WITH THE PROGRAM.


Anonymous said...

same here


Ginco said...

Keewee, someone is taking the Mickey outta us, but your comment about Mother Nature suffering from Alzeimer had me sniggering all through supper time, LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for spring here.. but it is starting to look more promising.

Rivrdog said...

"Brassed off" is so quaint. Much better than "cheesed off", or the more common (and VERY common) "pissed off".

Keep enriching our language, KeeWee.