Sunday, April 08, 2007

Another great day at the range

Here are the steel plates we are shooting at and HERE, on Mr. Completely's blog you can read more about the setup, and how the matches are run

Larry, at 89 years young, is one of our most senior shooters

Tony, who is almost 18 years old, is our youngest shooter

Mr.C always has a wonderful report, on the matches so click this BUTTON to take you to yesterday's glowing report.
When the scores are reported, I will update this post. As far as I can remember I was fairly near the top of the pack.

The results are in:

1st Group
Al L. 27
Kim G 24.5 Custer
Bruce L. 23.5 Custer
Jan S 19.5 Custer
Lou G 15
Mike F 14.5
Johan D 13.5
Rainy L 13.5
Steve M 5
Wayne F 3.5
Randy N. ?

2nd Group
Mikee G 32 (alias MrC. )
Tony C. 27
Jim Pfiefer 25.5
Jennifer K 21 ( Kiwi )
Joe L 17
Chris C 17
Jim R 15
Larrie F 14.5
Dean H 14
Al S. 13.5
Brandi D. 5
Larry W. ~

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Anonymous said...

I really need to get my butt out there and shoot. I live close enough to hear the range, just never shoot!