Thursday, June 14, 2007

Banks Lake - part two

Sunday, we made our way into Hidden Bay through the small opening you can see in the vegetation in the center of the picture. The channel is very shallow and we almost had to get out of the boat and push it into this lovely secluded quiet bay, did not catch any fish in here, but did enjoy the tranquility.

Yes, I did out fish MrC this time. He said this is the largest yellow perch he has ever seen. I caught it using a piece of night crawler, which I now cut in half and thread on the hook, without thinking "how gross"

When fishing for bass I like to use one of these lizards. It is made of a rubbery substance, thank goodness, I could not bait a hook with a live one.

Here are all the yellow perch we caught.

MrC cleaning, and preparing the fish.

I can tell you, after dipping them in a batter made with some pancake mix we had in the RV, and deep frying them in oil, they were so tasty, better than any fish I have had in a restaurant.

Saturday afternoon we all gathered for our potluck dinner.
My goodness, we had some awesome food on the tables.

There was BBQ chicken, fresh fried fish, salads, beans, various casserole dishes, snacks, dips, wine, beer, desserts and much more.

Our last day at the lake I woke up at 5am and decided to watch the sunrise over the lake. I am so glad I did not crawl back into bed as I would have missed a most beautiful morning.
It was incredibly calm and quiet. I heard quail calling from across the water, their voices clear in the silence and as the sun rose, other birds joined in, making a whole chorus of bird song.

We left Banks Lake around 10am for our long drive home, a pity we could not have stayed another few days, but work was calling our names.

We pulled into a rest area with a view of Ross dam.
The lake was a beautiful shade of green, but, brrrr! there was a very cold wind blowing down off those snow covered mountains, I did not spend too much time taking pictures.

One last picture before going back to the nice warm RV.

See the rocky outcrop on the left, outside the fence, there had been a teenage boy standing out on the very edge of that outcrop many hundred feet above the lake below, while his parents encouraged him closer to the edge while taking his picture. How stupid and unthinking some folks are. What if that rock had given away under his feet, or he tripped. it does not bear thinking about.

That is all for this year, now we look forward to next years trip


Anonymous said...

I love nothing better than eating fresh fish. My youngest son is an avid fisherman and often brings me some to enjoy.

Loved the mountain photos.. but it does look cold. Beautiful scenery.

Ginco said...

There's nothing nicer than enjoying yourself in the great outdoors!
And I agree, nothing to beat the taste of fresh fish - gosh, I could do with a piece right now,
Jolly nice pictures keewee!!!

mistaya's M.O.M. said...

It's good to read that you two had such a great time! The photos tell such a wonderful story too. Miss you girlfriend:)

Anonymous said...

I would never want to go home