Thursday, September 06, 2007

Another glorious day

The weather yesterday, was sunny but with a little nip in the air heralding fall. I took the time during my break, to sit outside and soak up some of the warmth.

This new building is adjacent to the Inn, where the spa I work at is located.

One of the Inn's employees came and sat with me, so I took the opportunity to ask her about the new construction. The building will house a very nice penthouse for rent, along with a couple of town houses, one of which has been sold already, and some retail space. The story is, the penthouse will rent for around $700 per night. I will endeavor to get some pictures of the completed penthouse in the near future.

The butterfly was flitting from flower to flower sucking up the nectar.

What a lovely break I enjoyed in the sun, listening to the water lapping the shore and watching sailboats drifting slowly by in the gentle breeze. I feel so fortunate to have a job in such a spectacular location.


Phyllis said...

Dang, this Island is getting too rich for me!
Time to pack up and head to Alaska!

Say, there's a great concert on the cove this Sunday in Coupeville! The last one of the Summer.

Anonymous said...

The pictures may be missing.. but your words helped me imagine my own. I do hope to see the one of the butterfly.

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

It took a few days, but I did manage to find the pictures and put them back where they belong.

Ginco said...

Nothing nicer than soaking up the last Summer sunny rays!
What a glorious butterfly! It looks super from that angle! :-)