Friday, September 21, 2007


I have come to the realization, my moods certainly follow the seasons and weather. The last couple of days have been rather gloomy and I have kinda felt glum too.
My "get up and go" got up and went somewhere without me, and I seem to have lost my creativity, so blogging has become a chore.
Whine, Whine, Whine, snivel, snivel, OK I am over it, now to be more productive.
Good news from the weather forecasters, the sun is supposed to shine this afternoon, *smile* so that means I will probably get outside, and shovel the mound of compost, delivered by our landscape friend, into a wheelbarrow, and start on distributing it around the garden. Nothing like a little hard work to get you out of your funk EH?

My holiday to New Zealand is coming up in about six weeks, so I have started to get things ready to put in my suitcase. From experience, I have found it is a very good idea to make a list, and as soon as you think of something you want to take with you, write it on the list right then, or it will be forgotten.
All my skin care products have been put into smaller containers, and clearly labeled using one of those little plastic label making gizmos. I used to write on sticky paper labels with a marker, but soon discovered the writing would wear off and I wouldn't have a clue what was in the bottles and jars. I think this is something to do with getting older and not being able to remember things like I used to. *chuckle*

This is the first time I have visited home, where I will not be staying with family. My Mother passed away last year and my two brother are not in a situation where they have accommodations for their Sis, so I have rented a cabin at the local Holiday Park. The cabin, according to my brother, who checked it out for me, is basic, clean and cozy, with everything I will need to take care of myself. The good news is, the owners of the Park are friends of my eldest brother, so I have been given an extremely good rate for my 15 days stay.

I wonder what security is going to think when they see all the other goodies in my suitcase. Food is quite expensive in New Zealand and being a thrifty keewee with some Scottish blood in my veins, (OK so I am kinda cheap) I have no intention on buying more groceries than I will use, so I have packets of instant oatmeal for my breakfasts, my favorite Chai tea, Splenda, and I will probably take some of my own home ground coffee and some filters. You will also find some of my Weight Watchers snacks, to take care of my sweet tooth cravings, and goodness knows what else I will throw in at the last moment.

I must confess, my sense of adventure is surfacing and the urge to create my own little nest of, home away from home, for 15 days is appealing. The difficult part is going to be, being away from my honey, MrC for all this time, especially during the evening hours when I return to my nest after my days outings.

Well now, that was good therapy. All the brain work and typing it took to put this little post together, has left me feeling so much better. It is time for breakfast and to get my day underway.
You all have a wonderful day too.


Ginco said...

Feeling glum is simply part and parcel of being human, but I'm glad to hear the sun is shining on you again Girl!
Making a list of everything that goes into the luggage is an absolute must on my side, goodness me, I'd arrive at my destination with only one half, the other half will stay snugly at home, Lol!
Keewee, don't forget to pack your camera! !

Anonymous said...

enjoy, 15 days will fly by


Ted said...

Lots of luck on your upcoming vacating young lady. It has to be a thrill going that far and seeing that much. I'll be keeping an eye on Mr. C for you.

Anonymous said...

I too find that my moods are influenced by the weather. Long stretches of grey, cloudy days often have me feeling down. One sunny day is usually all it takes to have me feeling better.

Your trip sounds so very exciting.

Anonymous said...

My house feels sad. Always. If I'm feeling okay, the house is always there to dampen things up. GAHHH!!