Saturday, November 03, 2007

Changes in Keewee's life

This past Thursday my job, "is gone with the wind" ( a dear friend used this term and it suits the situation) anyhow, all I am going to say about that is "A door closed and now I wait for the next to open"

In the meantime I will go on my visit to New Zealand and enjoy all the time I have with my daughter Tina, who has Huntington's Disease. Her disease was inherited from her father's side of the family. She is not doing well at all, so all the time I spend with her will be so very special.

It is going to be a "bitter sweet" visit but is so very important that I go now, as Tina's HD is progressing very rapidly. She is at the stage where she is very unsteady on her feet and is falling down, and her speech is very difficult to understand. Tina's doctors are allowing her to stay in her little house with the help of care givers, until I get there. Shortly thereafter we expect her to be in a care facility.

And to balance all the tears and stress of my daughter's situation, my two brothers will be giving their Sis the "royal treatment"

Come Monday at 11 am I say goodbye to my sweetheart MrC and climb aboard the shuttle which will deliver me to the door at the airport. MrC and Rocket our cat, are going to have to take care of the place while I am gone.

Wish me well on my journey and please remember Tina in your prayers.


Ginco said...

Take care of yourself Keewee, I'm looking forward to all your pictures !

Anonymous said...

Safe flight, take care and my prayers are with you and Tina. It will be tough. Hope the job having gone is OK for you ....

mistaya's M.O.M. said...

My dear friend, I wish you a wonderful time in your beautiful Home Land, and a joyous time with your family. Watch for that "opening door" As I know you will be standing in front of it soon with your hand on the door knob! Love you..Hostagirl

Anonymous said...

sending love to you and Tina.