Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Tararua Wind Farm

On Saturday Nov. 10th, my brother told me we were going to drive to Mana to stay on his boat "Drambuie" for the weekend, but before we did, he would take me on a drive to visit the Tararua wind farm.

Keewee AKA as Sis, and my brother Graeme

A healthy crop of wind turbines.

Even before leaving USA for New Zealand I had done some research on the wind farm and had already made plans see the wind turbines so was quite happy to have my brother take me to see the Wind farm.

The blades on these wind turbine machines, range in length 25-50 metres (27-54 yards) depending on size and design of each machine.

Oh! my goodness, I knew these structures were large but standing underneath one as the huge blades turned made me feel soooo small. Think of an ant standing at the base of a 12' blade of grass, I think you get the picture.

These turbines were actually in a different location, and I believe they are called the Apiti turbines.

The Tararua Wind Farm is the largest in the Southern hemisphere and is located just 10 kilometres NE of Palmerston North, on a 5.3 kilometre ( about 4 miles) long ridge of the Tararua ranges. For more technical information on wind turbines, HERE is a link.

The internal working of a wind turbine.

I leave you with a short video of a working wind turbine. The sound of the moving blades increased and decreased along with the speed of the wind.


Rivrdog said...

I want to know more about your brother's boat!

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

George, that post is in my future plans.

Mary Lou said...

There is a huge windfarm just East of Ellensburg on I-90!

Simply Coll said...

There are more and more wind turbines springing up over the Canadian prairies but nothing like the number in your photos. How interesting!

Ginco said...

The sound video is a great idea Keewee, I get the feeling I'm under da sea!!

Anonymous said...

KeeWee, the Wind Turbines that you believe are called the Te Apiti Wind Turbines are actually the Tararua Wind Farm Stages 1 and 2 Wind Turbines. The Te Apiti Wind Turbines are on the North side of the Manawatu Gorge and are similar to the big white one shown in most of your photos, which are the Tararua Wind Farm Stage 3 Wind Turbines, unless of course you've gotten your wind farms mixed up and in fact visited the Te Apiti Wind Farm...

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Mark, thanks for stopping by Keewee's corner. Yes, I did visit the Apiti wind turbines. My brother was kind enough to drive me all over during my visit back to NZ.