Monday, January 21, 2008

Having to work sucks

Wow! it is almost a week since my last post, where did the time go? So far, my new job is working out. One of my clients is VERY nice, the other, not so amiable to say the least. But what is nice about this particular job, is that I can elect not to work with a particular person if I so decide, and I am leaning heavily in that direction with the crabby one.
It is a clear cold day and I would just as soon stay indoors, but today, I have a job to do at the "crabby one's" home so I must away, and get ready for the drive up the island to her house.

UPDATE: After yesterday at the "crabby one's" house, I decided no one should be treated with rudeness, insults and condescension. I have declined to work with this person again. I have been around people in serious pain before, but they have always been polite and did not insult me. I think this person has always been this way, and I do not excuse their rudeness, insults and condescension because they are in pain.

This person did mention they have had many new caregivers. Duh!!


Anonymous said...

Well, I hope the crabby one isn't so crabby today!

Anonymous said...

May be she is a little depressed. Just keep giving her a smile it might rub off. Ha I am a bright one to talk I still have not gone back to work.


Anonymous said...

'This person did mention they have had many new caregivers'.

and the penny still hasn't dropped!


Ginco said...

Unfortunately there is always a "crabby one" who will make our lives a misery, but most unfortunate that you have to deal with such a person as a newcomer in your new job.
If you have the choice to avoid having to care for her, do so quickly!
Life is short enough so why tollerate extra unpleasantries.
Good luck with your new job and enjoy caring for the good girls!!!