Friday, May 30, 2008


After each load of laundry, I collect the lint from the dryer filter, and place it into a mesh bag which held some fruit, I bought at the grocery store.

Several colors of lint to choose from.

A little Hummingbird collecting lint to line her nest.

The little hummer, sitting on a branch of the pine tree outside the kitchen window, is almost camouflaged against the green needles and brown branches. Her babies are going to have a nice soft nest to nestle in, after she lines her nest with the lint.
I was quite excited to see the Hummingbird collecting the lint, and would love to discover her nest, but it would almost be impossible to find in all the trees around here.
I have also seen Chickadees pulling lint from the mesh bag, to use in their nest building.


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the mess bag keewee. I may try it myself

Maria Verivaki said...

this is such a friendly way to maintain a good relationship with wildlife - wish i had thought of something similar myself.

Mary Lou said...

Oh you are so neat with it, I just throw it out the back door, and shake the dust mop out there too. I have to have the softest nests around!!