Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tardy, Tardy

Yes, I have been tardy in posting, but life has been very busy lately. This past weekend, MrC and I were at a big Steel Challenge like match, just South of Portland, Oregon, called Man of Steel.
The weather was beautiful and I sure wish we could have brought some of the sunshine back to Whidbey Island with us.
Today it is overcast and looks gloomy, though it is not all that cold, so perhaps after I get home from work this afternoon, I can get outside to work on my vegetable garden. I will have a post up soon on the wonderful garden MrC is constructing for me.
Off to work I must go, check back in and I will endeavor to have news on the vege garden, perhaps as early as this evening.

UPDATE: You can see what has been accomplished in the garden HERE


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