Saturday, May 31, 2008


Since 5/11/08 I have been adding a photo to THIS 'N' THAT for a future post. For the last two days I have been outdoors getting grass mowed, more vegetables and Perenials and annuals planted in the gardens.

"Sensitive fern"

Ferns are some of my favorite plants for the shady areas of my garden as are Hostas. I am starting to get quite a collection of ferns, but unfortunately, some of the most unusual ferns are quite expensive.

Hydrangea, Pansys and Agapanthus

Yesterday I planted the "endless summer" blue Hydrangea in the 1/2 barrel and today I planted white and blue pansys around the base.
I also planted the Agapanthus in the old wash tub and placed chicken wire around it to stop the rabbits from devouring the plants. A couple of weeks ago, I had planted a few marigolds in the tub and after the bunnies had found them, all that they left, are a few leaves. I am hoping the 1/2 barrel is high enough that the rabbits will not bother the pansys. I will not hold my breath on that one.

Some of the plants on the front porch.

A happy face.

My favorite pot on May 11th.

My favorite pot today, May 31st.

This is the third year the Hostas and Ferns have been in the pot and they are looking so lush and lovely.

All I have left to do now, is flush the irrigation system I installed last summer, set the timer for automatic watering for when it gets hot and we are away from home, then just sit back and watch everything grow. Of course I will still have to pull weeds as they come up, and feed the plants and vegetables for the best results. I must say, a few weeks ago I thought all the projects were never going to be finished, and I was already bone weary, but now all is done, I am well pleased with my efforts. I also thank my honey MrC for all his hard work, as I certainly could not have done all the work by myself especially building the fence around the vegetable garden and the raised beds.


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Love to see someone with a really GREEN Thunb who enjoys the niceties & joys of their gardening labors.


Maria Verivaki said...

i get great retirement plans from your blog - i am counting down the days when i will need to put baking tins full of organic produce in the deep freeze