Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This past week I did not have any time for blogging as I spent all my time working, going to classes for further education for my job, then in between all that, I had to find the time to load our RV for our annual trip to Coulee Playland at Banks Lake with the Fishin' Club.
The weather during our last couple of weeks had been wet and dreary, so we were delighted to find sunshine as we headed up over the Cascades on our journey to Banks Lake.

We just love this beautiful drive along the tree lined road, with spectacular views of the mountains.

Does anyone know what these clouds are? They certainly were beautiful and interesting.

This year there is still a lot of snow left to melt away.

I seem to take a picture or two of these craggy peaks, every year we travel this route to our vacation destination. There is so much beauty, one can't help snapping every lovely sight they see. Well, at least I can't.

Our first day out on the lake, we went into one of the many little side channels off of the main lake. These channels and bays are very quiet and calm, and as we use a battery run trolling motor in these locations we make little noise.

Floating along quietly, we came across a turtle going about the business of enjoying a bask in the sun, but as we drew closer he became nervous, and with barely a splash, he dove of the branch and sped away under water.

This lovely Mule deer was quite nervous when she first noticed our presence. MrC and I sat very still in the boat and watched her, and when she felt we were not going to harm her she calmly went back to grazing.

We did have a nice trip away with our friends, and I will post more soon.


Maria Verivaki said...

so much snow - the snow on our mountains (the highest peaks are about 2500metres) melted completely some time towards the end of may

Anonymous said...

In answer to your cloud question...after extensive google image seach the closest I came was this [url]http://capnbob.us/blog/2008/04/02/standing-waves/[/url]

Regards from NZ...

Anonymous said...

Wow.. amazingly beautiful country. Wonderful photos.

Ted said...

Really beautiful country. I remember it well. Hope we can make a trip out again as it is our favorite part of the country. Our snow here in NE is all gone.