Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Here in the Pacific Northwest, as usual we are getting our fair share of rain, and the Spring had been considerably cooler than usual.
MrC and I are not going to let this kind of weather, stop us from filling the fridge in our RV with food and taking off for the weekend.
Both of us have had way too much to do these past few weeks, so we are both now pretty much worn out. Getting away from the telephone, knocks on the door and work for a couple of days, will allow us to recharge our batteries.
We do "the time away thing" as simple and basic as possible, hot dogs and marshmallows for a cookout, if the weather permits, sandwich and soup fixins', snacks and of course plenty of coffee if it is cold.

Our favorite campground, Dungeness Forks, is right at the fork of two rivers, and is a fairly primitive area where no large RVs or trailers can go, but our rig is small enough to navigate the steep downhill narrow road, to the campsite. There are trails beside the rivers to walk, or we can just sit around the campfire gazing at the flames and let out our minds wander as they will. There sure is something hypnotic about the dancing flames which puts you into a state of relaxation, just what the doctor ordered!
I have another couple of days work and a class for further education to do with my job, then I can finally relax. I really am not all that thrilled about all this extra learning stuff, as I have not been in a classroom situation for many, many years and find it tiresome, and hard to retain all that is thrown at us in one day. I guess this is all part of growing older sighhhhhh! Oh well, I have just two more classes next week then it will be all done until we do a refresher next year sometime. You never know, I may have decided to retire by that time next year and won't have to sit through all the yaddda, yadda, yadda.

You all have a wonderful day.


mistaya's M.O.M. said...


Anonymous said...

You know, them 'Yadayadayada' is what really makes you "TIRED"!


Maria Verivaki said...

gosh jennifer, it simply does not rain enough here - in summer, it never rains, so i wont be seeing rain for more than three months in hania - and boy do i miss it.

Anonymous said...

Are you still working as a carer?

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

LOM, I would not call this job a career, mainly I am just putting in time before I am able to draw Social Security this coming January. I call myself semi-retired, but mostly just darned TIRED.

Anonymous said...

Sorry keewee I ment do you still do your caring job, I thinl it was like a home help.

Anonymous said...

Here in the Canadian prairies our spring has also been coolish and now.. quite wet. Dungeness Forks sounds like the perfect location for getting away from it all.. I envy you. Have a wonderful time.

Mary Lou said...

Hope it did not flood on you. Been known to do that there ya know. If you go on over to Crescent Lake, there are some really cool primitive sites. I love that penninsula!