Monday, October 20, 2008

Part four of our trip to reno

Sunday, our last full day in Reno before we returned home, MrC and I went with Joe and his wife Barb to do some shopping and sight seeing. We had been told about a new sports goods store, called Scheels, which had recently opened, and was worth a visit. It was the largest store of it's kind I had ever been in.
Here are just some of the things you will find at Scheels There are two 16,000 gallon aquariums, a wildlife mountain, a customer tram transporting you from your car in the huge parking lot, to the store, then back again after you have finished shopping. There is a Ferris wheel, shooting gallery, simulators for soccer, hockey, golf and nascar racing, which MrC would have loved to try out, if there wasn't such a huge crowd waiting, home decor, I could have spent a fortune here, and gift shops, specialized shops for guns and hunting, fishing, running, and fashion sportswear.

Along the front of Scheels were some fabulous bronzes, I believe created by a local artist.

Just inside the main entry, on the second floor of the 295,000 square foot store, a 3/4-size model float plane is suspended overhead.
You could see the plane through the front second floor window, in the picture above, as you approached the store. One of the store employees told Barb and I the history of the original float plane.

When we arrived at Scheels, we were all hungry, so before looking around we ate at the restaurant. I sat facing this painting, and thought it rather eye catching with it's psychedelic colors.
There was a fudge shop nearby, but just too many people waiting, so decided to skip the free samples, and go check out the rest of the store. MrC and Joe went off in one direction and Barb and I paired up, as we knew the guys would spent most of their time in sporting goods, and wouldn't be too interested in clothes or home decor etc. as Barb and I were.

The aquariums were a sight to behold. This is the salt water aquarium, housing many brightly colored fish and corals, though I think the coral was fake. Even so, the aquarium was beautiful.

Yours truly beside the salt water aquarium.

A diver inside the fresh water aquarium, I believe feeding the fish. You get an idea how large these aquariums are by comparing the size of the diver to the tank.

In the center of the store was a Ferris wheel MrC asked if I would like to ride on it. I replied " I won't ride on one outdoors, what makes you think this one is any different?" *grin*

From the second floor you are looking at some of the specialty stores, and the crowds enjoying them.

On the second floor there are fourteen fairly life like, animated models of past Presidents.

The trophy mounted wild life was fabulous, and quite realistic in it's setting.

These fellas are huge.

MrC and Joe checking out all the goodies.

Am I majestic or what?

Another wonderful display of wild life.

This trolley is one in which you could get a ride back to your car, or to the store from the far reaches of the parking lot. The parking lot was very large so for anyone who had difficulty getting around or had many packages to return to their vehicle, then this trolley is a very nice customer service feature.

For our last evening meal in Reno we ate at The Black Bear Diner.
The food was excellent as was the company.

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