Sunday, October 05, 2008

Our last big hurrah before winter sets in

In case you were wondering.... No I have not skipped the country, I have had a busy week and have had to put blogging on the back burner.
On Thursday morning MrC. and I are flying down to Reno for the annual Gun Blogger Rendezvous. This will be the third year for the rendezvous, and looks as though it will be the best one yet.
For us ladies who attend, there will be more to do than sitting around listening to the guys talk guns and shooting. There is to be an Italian street fair on Saturday in the streets surrounding Circus Circus where we are staying, plenty of casinos just ready to take all our hard earned cash, and of course shopping.
There are plans in the air, to maybe go and have dinner at one of the best Basque restaurants in the area, on Thursday evening. I sure am looking forward to this adventure, having never eaten Basque food before.
I must admit, that having been to Reno for three years in a row, I am tired of the casinos. The first couple of times it was quite exciting, but the excitement wore off as my money disappeared into the slot machines never to make the bells ring, and the lights flash, informing me of a huge win Sighhhhh! I will probably be a big spender, and try my luck with $20, then, win or lose, go find some other entertainment.
It is going to be a fun five days, greeting our old friends and making some new ones. So now I have to give some consideration to what I will pack in the way of clothes. Mix and match is the way to go as I plan on taking the least amount of luggage I can get away with.


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Have a good time down there! It is a perfect time to go to Nevada..