Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Where did the days go?
It has been quite a journey with my honey in the hospital.
It seemed every time I left the hospital to drive back down the island to our home, to grab a few hours restless sleep, something would happen back at the hospital. Twice now, As I found out the next morning upon returning to the hospital, Mike had been given more blood.
Yesterday, we had a nurse who would not take
no for an answer, she had Mike up out of bed, and walking the hallway. She was appalled that this had not been accomplished a day or so earlier. Mike also said he was not hungry, but I stood over him while he took a few bites of his dinner. Darn it anyway, he has to eat to get his strength back. Guess I will have to stop being a softie, and take a leaf out of nurse Jeanie's book, and insist Mike eat and move around. He may get madder than H--l at me but that is too bad, perhaps he will thank me later.
Sometime after dinner, nurse Jeanie came back in and removed all the heart monitors and the IV, so now Mike will just take pain meds orally. This is a good thing as trying to walk while trailing all that equipment around is a pain (excuse the pun)
I think maybe, I am over tired and losing patience, (or actually more like I am frustrated with events with my honey.) He
has to make the effort to do what is good for him, or else there will be serious health issues, something I don't want to occur and he wouldn't either.
Well I have got all that off my chest, now I am going to go get a cup or two of coffee and wait for a call from the hospital, as last evening Mike's doctor told us he may get to come home today.

UPDATE 11am: I just called the hospital and MrC has eaten a few bites of his breakfast, and has walked the hallway. Guess I won't have to give him a whipping after all *chuckle*

Still no visit from his doctor, I sure hope to have my honey home today, then we both can get some rest.

2:16pm.......... Mr C is home and resting.


MadRocketScientist said...

I think us men are just like that. My mom had to ride my dad when he was in the hospital a year or so ago, and she was battling cancer at the time, so her reserves of sympathy for his relatively minor troubles was at an all time low.

Sometimes a boot in the posterior is a good thing.

Both of you keep on getting stronger.

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Madrocketscientist, thanks for the words of encouragement, they came at a time where I needed to hear them.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear he is getting better. I know that when I spent a week in the hospital I didn't want to get up but they wouldn't release me until I was walking and eating.

Remind him to watch the flap in back :)

Cowboy Blob said...

Keep on him. I'll probably die early since I don't have a nice lady like you to nag me to life!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Yup. Keep on him, Keewee!
Don't make me come over there Mr. C!!!

Of course, you have our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Make his life h--l Keewee, he will get better just for a quiet life.

Mary Lou said...

OHMIGAWD!!! See what happens when I dont check in? Why didnt you call? I couldve taken you to lunch or something!!

That nasty gall bladder can be awful, but feels sooo good when it is over! They do it so nicely these days. I have an 18" scar!!

Maria Verivaki said...

hey keewee, it's all ok now.
i must say i was impressed that you could call and ask how hubby is at the hospital - in greece, we have a shortage of nursing staff at hospitals (at least this is the excuse), and we have to stay with our sick family member all the time. our hospitals have more non-ill people in them than ill people. when we leave, we usually ask another family member to stay with the ill person, and if we don't have someone, we pay a private nurse (really expensive stuff).

Ride Fast said...

KeeWee your Mr. C's angel. It's OK to go all Nurse Ratchet on him, he knows it's the love talking and that you are right.

Stay strong woman and thank you.

Manfred said...

thank you for taking care of our dear Mr C.

Best wishes for you and him.

steve said...

hope he gets well soon it is so boring to be ill I am sure he will be up and about soon take care both of you