Monday, November 24, 2008

Why I have not been blogging

MrC has not been doing as well as he should this past week and I was very concerned.
Here is the email I sent out to friends this morning.

Last night, we took a ride up to the hospital to have MrC checked out.
Our friend Lorie, came over to the house with all her nurse equipment, (she is a retired nurse) and took MrC's temp, listened to his lungs and took his oxygen level. She was of the same opinion as I, and suggested we go for the ride.
After waiting, it seemed for hours, MrC was finally taken back to ER where they performed all the necessary tests to determine what was causing all MrC's discomfort. Their conclusion was, that he may still have some infection going on. (just what I suspected all along) so gave him a couple of antibiotics at the hospital and sent us home with a prescription for more.
MrC finally managed to get some sleep last night, so did I. Let's hope he will soon be on the mend.


Anonymous said...

I hope he feels better soon.


Maria Verivaki said...

you're both on my mind
keep us updated

Anonymous said...

sending big hugs