Friday, June 19, 2009

Market day in Winterswjk Holland

One place we visited during our trip to Holland was Winterswijk, where Saturday is market day. I had the opportunity to walk around the many booths set up for market day in this quaint market square in the center of town.

What a lot to take in, especially for some one who has never been to an outdoor market where they sell practically everything you can think of. There was meat, fish, food, flower, pastry, garden art, cheese, jewelry and many, many other different kind of booths set up, to tempt the shoppers.

The bags of snacks in this booth were many and varied. Nuts of all kinds, both natural and covered in different flavors, trail mixes, crackers of all kinds and other things I did not know what was in the labeled bags as I do not read or speak the local language.

Many of the locals ride their bicycles to market day, and take their purchases home in a little basket attached to the handle bars of the bicycle, as this lady is doing.

The flowers were absolutely gorgeous, and to a gardener such as myself, just so much eye candy.

The choice of flowers was almost over whelming,

Roses, so many different colors.

And if you want, a touch of the tropics for your home.

For the cheese lovers, and I am one of them, the selection of these very tasty cheeses was outstanding.

All kinds of breads, rolls, pastry, and other goodies. I was sorely tempted to buy a loaf of crusty bread and a large slice of cheese to munch on as I wandered the market, but thought that was overkill, and instead went to a booth which sold all kinds of freshly baked pastries, doughnuts and fritters. I chose a very large deep fried apple slice which had the most flaky light batter coating, I have ever tasted.

The fruit and vegetables were so neatly arranged. For the most part, it appeared the vendors took great pride in the way their booths looked.

So there is my tour of Winterswijk market. There was much more to see in the center of the market, but taking pictures in the crush of people was impossible.

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Lzyjo said...

Yummy! Dutch marker certainly have earned their legendary reputation. Everything looks wonderful. In France I just loved seeing elderly women peddling their bicycles to and from the markets!