Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We are a couple of old softies.

Last night I went out to the RV to get something, and something caught my eye. It was a very small rabbit. I called MrC to come out and take a look at the little bunny.

The poor wee thing was injured, so my honey put on his vet's hat, and went to work.
Read MrC's story HERE.
As of tonight, the little rabbit is doing well, but with wild critters you never know, so we are crossing our fingers he/she will make a full recovery. When I came home from work, I went to check in on the rabbit, and when it heard me say "hi little bunny, how are you doing?" it's little ears went up, listening to my voice. It just makes my heart melt.


lom said...

how sweet, will he turn into a pet?

lom said...

more bunny pictures please