Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Talk to them and

they will be friends.

Any time I went outdoors and saw any of the wild rabbits, I would talk to them. Imagine my surprise, a couple of days ago, when this little guy/girl came right up to me as I was doing some gardening. I slowly made my way inside, and asked Mr C to bring the camera while I found something I thought the rabbit would like to eat. I knelt on the ground and spoke softly to the little rabbit, trying to entice it to come and eat out of my hand. The picture tells the rest of the story.

Since that day, every time I went outside, this little one, would appear at my feet looking up at me, asking with it's eyes, for food from my veggie garden.

A short time ago I was taking some pictures of flowers for a blog story, when I felt a tickle on my sandaled foot. I very nearly kicked out and squealed thinking it was some kind of bug crawling on my foot, but no, it was Wabbit (new name) nuzzling my foot. Of course I had to pick some peas for Wabbit, which seem to be rabbit candy.

I sat on the ground taking pictures, to show you how unafraid Wabbit is of me.

Isn't he/she a cutie?
I find I am now paying more attention at looking before I step, just in case Wabbit has crept up on me.


lom said...

How lovely, I fed all the animals that come into our garden. I think of them as my little friends

cassie-b said...

What a nice story. Thanks for the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet nice people, on behalf of all the creatures people like you help . THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS