Tuesday, August 18, 2009

California trip

Last .Wednesday Mr C and I flew down to Burbank CA, picked up a rental car and drove to Valencia, where we stayed until Saturday. Mr C competed in the World Steel Challenge which was held on a range about a half hour drive from the hotel, at a place called Piru.

Thursday morning Mr C was to compete, and we had to be out at the range very early, so he could register for the match as we arrived too late the night before to do so. As we drove to the range I noticed this finger of fog slowly drifting in over the hills down into the valley we were passing through.

The fog thickened as we drove along, but did not drift in over the road. It was a pretty sight indeed. This is a very dry, hot, dusty place except for the areas which are irrigated for the various crops being grown.I saw chili peppers, tomatoes, oranges, and other crops I could not name, as I saw them from our vehicle, as we drove along.

The day after Mr C Competed, we once again drove to the range to watch more of the competitors shoot. Not far from this orange grove is a fruit stand, where last year we stopped so I could buy some freshly picked oranges. I was sorely disappointed as they were not at all very sweet.

As we made the turn onto a side road which led to the range, this herd of horses came ambling towards us, so we had to stop and wait, until they passed on by.

A section of the range.

The building front you see, are set up for Cowboy action shooting, but was not part of the weeks events.

There was a Steel Challenge stage set up behind the western store fronts.

The last day on the range was quite warm, in the upper 80's, which was a whole lot better than last year when we had to suffer temperatures in the 100 degree range. The only complaint, well almost the only one, is that the wind came up whipping up the fine dust, which found its way into our eyes, down the top of our shirts sticking to our damp sweaty skin. I was very happy to arrive back at the hotel to take a nice long shower and wash all the grit off myself.


cassie-b said...

What an interesting week.

Have a nice week.

Anonymous said...

wow.. lovely country. I find fog relaxing somehow... except when driving. And to be held up by a herd of horse.. way cool! :-)