Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pictures from a road trip in New Zealand

I can't believe it is almost two years since I was back in New Zealand and I still have pictures I have not shared with you, and there will be more when I return from another visit in November. Sheesh! I had better 'get with the program'

My brother, took me for a drive up, and around the hills and country roads surrounding the city of Palmerston North where we grew up. We drove through rolling pastures dotted with sheep, through small ravines covered in beautiful lush growth, and wound around narrow country roads sometime pulling over to let a farmer driving his tractor towing a piece of farm machinery.
I have an appreciation for the stunning country I grew up in.


Q said...

Your home country is lovely. I wish to visit New Zealand....I want to see the Blue Penguins!
Beautiful country!

cassie-b said...

So nice. I'd post pictures of where I grew up, but the suburbs of Philadelphia aren't all that great.


Anonymous said...

It is just hard for me to imagine living in your country. I have a problem thinking about living in Canada or anywhere. I was in Japan for about three years in the early 1950s and that was different. I don't know much about New Zealand. I don't even know if there was a native population there in the beginning or not. I do know a little more about Australia but only the out back part as that's about all people up here in Ohio where I live have seen on television or in movies. We never see the larger cities. I don't even know if they have automobiles down there or what the most popular brand of car is. So, you see, we are way behind in our geography, among other things. For my first visit I am impressed by your photography.