Monday, November 09, 2009

It is here at last

Wednesday morning at 11am I will be boarding the Whidbey Seatac shuttle on the first leg of my journey to New Zealand.

I leave Seattle at 3:51 pm and fly to San Fransisco, 2hr 8 min. 679 miles. From there to Auckland NZ, 13hr 10 min. 6531 miles, then take another flight to Wellington, 1 hr.299 miles.

I know I am going to feel the effects of being on the go for all those hours, but really happy to be visiting my family.

The main purpose of my visit to NZ, is for the 40th birthday celebration of my daughter Tina.
I have kept the secret of my upcoming visit since last April when I booked my ticket.
There were a couple of times I nearly slipped up and told Tina I was going to be there for her birthday, but caught myself just in time.
Yesterday Tina was given the news that she was to meet me at the airport in Wellington, and I hear she is very excited.
I will also be visiting my two younger brothers, and doing a little salt water fishing, if the weather co-operates.
A few weeks ago I received an email from Sandie, who was my bridesmaid, a zillion years ago. We had lost touch over the years, so we are hoping to be able to connect, and catch up on all the happenings of the past 40 years. Yikes! has it been that long.

I am also hoping to visit with Dinzie and Mcdinzie, who have become blogger friends.

When I booked my ticket last April, I thought November was such a long time away, now I am wondering where the time went.


cassie-b said...

have a wonderful trip!

Gail Wilson said...

Have a wonderful visit with your family girlfriend. And I hope you get to hookup with Sandie. That would be such a fun experience! I hope you can blog for us while you are "Down Under"...Love you, Gail

Ride Fast said...

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