Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas as I remember it.

I would like to share my childhood memories, of our family Christmas in New Zealand, perfectly told in this song.

Link to tune

It's a real New Zealand Christmas - there's no fire, no snow, no sleigh!

Everything has come to a grinding halt and at last it's Christmas Day

We're wearing shorts and jandals, singing songs of Christmas cheer

Mum's organised the family lunch and dad'll be drinking Kiwi beer!

It's just your typical, traditional Kiwi Christmas Day

We're celebrating Christmas in the good old Kiwi way

With fresh-picked peas and new potatoes and mint sauce for the lamb

And Grandma's made the Xmas pud and she's glazed the Xmas ham!

The cards are on the mantlepiece, the tinsel is on the tree,
The rellies have brought all their presents and the Queen's face is on TV
Mum's made her own pavlova with kiwifruit on the top
And there's hokey-pokey icecream, and the Chardon's all set to pop!

It's just your typical, traditional Kiwi Christmas Day
Us kids are driving our parents daft - we've been sent outside to play
Dad's cracking another Steinie and Mum's at the kitchen sink
And Grandad's fallen asleep in his chair cos he's had too much to drink!

The temperature is nearing 30 - everyone is feeling the heat
And after lunch, we all crash out cos we had such a lot to eat!
It's great to celebrate Xmas in our special NZ way
So here's a toast to your family: Have a wonderful Xmas Day!

It's just your typical, traditional Kiwi Xmas Day
You can forget the reindeer, ice and snow, and Santa on his sleigh!
It's fun to sit in the blazing sun, enjoying a Kiwi beer
And here's a toast to you and yours: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!!!


edt said...

Hi from NZ...Christmas eve here...CHEERS from beer o'clock, thats 5:00pm NZ time...Green onion dip on saltines...best AUSSIE Victoria Bitter Lager and Handel's Messiah on the living room Victrola. We will be having a BBQ Lunch to celebrate christmas with family tomorrow. Seasons Greetings. PS: I DO drink NZ beer but I like the taste of VB :)

lom said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Ted said...

Here is a toast right back at you. Merry Christmas to your family from my family.

cassie-b said...

Excellent - and in the Bucks County way, I'd like to wish you the merriest of Christmases.


Maria Verivaki said...

merry christmas!

Gail Wilson said...

Very nice Keewee...and a very Happy New Year to the two of you. All my love, Gail