Monday, December 07, 2009

Email from brother

Hi sis.... it was lovely to have you visit, hope you don't pick up too many bad habits. The weather turned real sour after you left but warming up now. There's a package in transit to you, about a week from now, hopefully intact..

Ohh goody, I love packages from home, although I have a sneaking suspicion I know what could be in this one. When visiting New Zealand a couple of weeks ago, I had shown Graeme and John, my brothers, some lovely native bird garden art I had bought, and also pointed out a rather large Kiwi bird piece, which was too large to put in my suitcase. They both agreed that it would make a fine Christmas gift. I said that it would be way to expensive to send, I get the "no worries' comment from them. I love my brothers.

The very best brothers a girl could wish for.

UPDATE: The Package arrived see HERE


Gail Wilson said...

very nice photo of brothers Keewee. Hugs to you, Gail

edt said...

Lom and Keewee...the way to varify wether these sorts of things are true or not is to cut and paste the first couple of sentences into Google and then add the word "Snopes" Snopes is a website that debunks urban myths and these sorts of things that circulate in email land. This one started in Australia and wasnt actually sent to a bank but that doesnt make it any less funny.

edt said...

hummm... that was odd...the above post should have been under the comments to keewee's "funny" matter will try again.