Sunday, December 06, 2009

Winter is here

Last evening MrC. and I enjoyed dinner at our friend's home. As we left to return home at
11:30 pm, the rain which had fallen earlier in the evening had frozen on the car. As I had had a few drinks I handed the car keys to Mr C. and said"you drive" he did not have drinks. The drive down the somewhat steep driveway was icy as was the country road out to the main highway. When we reached the main road we discovered the rain had changed to snow, and about a half an inch covered the ground. As I said on Keewee's Garden " I officially hang up my gardening gloves"


cassie-b said...

Glad you made it home safely.
We were out in the snow last night to go to a Symphony Orchestra Concert. When we left, the temp was 32 degrees and there was a bit of snow, and no ice on the roads. Lucky us.

Gail Wilson said...

Yes, my garden is asleep under a blanket of snow too. Time to dream of new plants for the new year!

lom said...

I wish we had snow!