Monday, February 01, 2010

It is time, actually it is way past time.

Over the last five years my lifestyle changed and so did my weight and fitness level. At first I did not pay too much attention, but now I know I have to get back in shape, and lose about 10lbs. I will give it my best shot. I know I am not a young thing any longer, and it will not be easy, but I have to at least try.
The biggest challenge is the exercise I hate to exercise.

The Internet is a grand thing when you are looking for tools to help in your endeavors. I came across MyFitnessPal, which for me, is going to work the best. I can enter all the foods I eat for each day, including all the nutritional stats, log all exercise I do, track my weight lost every week, and have the support of others in the program, and it is all FREE.
A feature I really like, is that I went in and planned menus for a whole week, then printed them out, so every day I know exactly what I will have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Having the menus planned and printed, also tells me what foods I need to purchase.
I started my new lifestyle changes yesterday and liked all the food I had chosen for the day, and, I actually got on my stair climber and put in a "little" time which was not as easy as I remember it had been in the past. This tells me I am really out of shape.
So, wish me luck, and stop by now and again to check my progress.


cassie-b said...

Good luck. You seem to be going about this very intelligently. And it's only a few pounds.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ms KeeWeeh, if I can do it, slothful as I was, I'm sure you'll not have a problem. Just remember, walking will do it!

lom said...

good luck keewee, I lost 2 stone last year and am hoping for another 2 this year. Then I will only be a stone over weight.

Gail Wilson said...

I am right there with you girlfriend!!!

Q said...

I need to get on to the exercise part! It is so cold at my house and my walking program is on hold. May have to get a treadmill!
I just know you will be able to drop the unwanted pounds!