Sunday, February 07, 2010

A wonderful hike

Saturday was sunny, the temperature around 51 degrees, a perfect day for a hike on the trails at Greenbank.

The group, nine of us plus two dogs, walked mostly through a wooded at area for close on two hours. To reach the trail through the trees, we had to hike a short distance on a trail through the fields. The trail was damp underfoot, and in some places very muddy, but we all were wearing sturdy shoes so a little wet mud did not bother us at all.

The ferns were about three feet tall, and I sure would like to have some like these growing under the trees around our house.

We passed through this lightly wooded area and on up the trail entering into a very dense and much darker wooded area. The tranquility under the canopy of trees as we walked the trail was very soothing.

It is hard to tell from the photo, but this part of the trail has a fairly steep incline and I found I was almost breathless by the time I reached the top. I was about halfway up looking back down, when I took this photo.

Little Samantha, a senior doggy of 13 years, walked the trail with us. The other dog, a black Labrador was called Duke

When we arrived back at the car park, someone asked if anyone would like to go to the restaurant for pie and coffee. Ohh! YES I would love pie and coffee, wait a minute, pie is out of the question, so I will have to settle for the coffee, all this conversation was going on in my head. I did go with the group into the restaurant and I drank my coffee while the others ate pie with theirs. Way to go Keewee, what will power you have!

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Gail Wilson said...

I am so glad you posted photos. It looks like a wonderful trail to hike. I am glad you had such a good time Keewee. And congratulation on your eating choices!!