Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday stroll

It wasn't exactly a stroll. The walking group started out from the parking area of a church and immediately started down a fairly steep road to the beach.

As we walked along a narrow concrete walkway, a cormorant with outstretched wings was drying off after it's dip.

Along the first part of the beach front, we walked behind the houses, where we were able to look into the yards of the homes. This little patch of different colored heathers made a striking display.

The walkway then took us along the front of the houses which looked as though they were some of the first to be built here. The name on the front of the building is "Drift Inn"

I think that is a wisteria growing on the arbor of this quaint little beach house, and can imagine how lovely it will look when in flower.

This beach house has seen better days.

I sure would like to have some driftwood like this for my yard, but it would take some heavy equipment to get logs this size on our property.

After our nice leisurely stroll along the beach front, we were then faced with this steep road to traverse. It is a lot steeper than the photo depicts.

Looking back down to where we started up the incline, which is just below the house.
I am only about a quarter of the way up the road before it leveled out and we could catch our breath. After reaching the top we started out on another road which had some nice inclines to give us a workout.

We walked through some lovely wooded areas and this tree covered in ferns caught my eye.

The gardener in me could visualize a fern covered tree like this one, in my garden.
Even though there was a light rain for most of our walk we all enjoyed our time together and look forward to meeting again.
According to my new pedometer, I walked 3.457 miles, burned 281.6 calories, and took 10432 steps. That is if I calibrated the pedometer correctly.


Gail Wilson said...

Beautiful pics Keewee. It looks like it was a wonderful hike.

Ginco said...

Nothing to top a good hike, and there's always so much to see. The dry Wisteria has a beauty of it's own AND as for the driftwood - - I would have slung a crooked piece around my neck to get it to my garden :-) :-) :-)

Q said...

What a wonderful March walk!
I so enjoyed the ferns. So lovely.
Any time a walk includes the beach I am so pleased. In my mid-western neighborhood we have no beach....
I have enjoyed catching up with you this evening.
Happy March,

Dee said...

Lovely beach walk KeeWee!! I had clicked on your food blog first but after reading your garden blog I had to come here to tell you how lovely the pics are and your beautiful garden shots as well. I made a similar mac and cheese recipe tonight but the sauce came out a little grainy!! Any tips?? Yours sure looked good! Dee from Northern California

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Dee, I really do not know why your Mac 'n' cheese was grainy. I have never had that problem.

cassie-b said...

What a wonderful walk. Well, all but the steep part.

Thanks so much for sharing