Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Whenever I wandered the streets of Amsterdam my eyes were always drawn to the architecture of the old buildings. Many were brick with arched windows and many had beautiful artwork on the facades.

This brick building with a dome on top took my eye.

As we walked closer I could see some of the lovely decorative work gracing the front of the old building.

Then there are buildings like these. I was particularly drawn to the one on the corner with its small square tower. As I stood there looking at all the interesting angles, shapes and building materials used in it's construction, I wondered who lived here in the past and who lives here now. I imagined people past and present climbing the small narrow stairs to the upper rooms, and what it must have been, and is now like to live in such an interesting building.

I wondered if that is a bedroom behind the little open window set in the tile roof, and did/do they bump their heads often as I am sure that is a very tiny room. Look at all the beautiful wood work around and above the windows, the face in center, above the four square windows, and the iron scroll work decorating each corner beside the window. I was yearning to be able to enter this building to look around.


Anonymous said...

The old buildings are so typical European and I personally prefer the old to a spanking new building.
The small room at the top (in red) is what we'll call a Dachboden - - or a loft in English.
Plenty of those around Switzerland, but I was told that it's freezing cold in the Winter and sticky hot during the Summer. Nevertheless it also looks so cozy and cute ;-)GINCO

betty-NZ said...

I am fascinated by old architecture, too. I would love to be able to tour Europe just to see the buildings. Thanks for sharing.