Sunday, June 06, 2010

Steel Challenge, Ephrata

We finally found some sunshine over in Ephrata on Saturday, when we were there to compete in the WA State Steel Challenge match. Of course, our trip didn't go without some drama, which almost seems to be the norm for us. Check it out HERE

The Super Squad
This is what we called ourselves. Six super people, having a super time.

John shooting 'outer limits'

Stacey stepping out on 'outer limits'

Keewee leaving the first shooter's box on 'outer limits.
This is not one of my favorite stages.

Debra as she leaves the first shooter's box on 'outer limits'

Teresa shooting 'outer limits.

One two three steps and Mr C will be in the second shooter's box on 'Outer limits'

John being timed by Debra.

Mr C knocking paint of the steel targets.

Stacey has a good firm grip

Teresa waiting for the buzzer so she can commence firing.

John sending some lead down range.

Debra with her sweet shooting revolver.

John taking a little break.

I thought I hadn't shot all that well, but it was enough to come home with an award for Top Lady in rimfire and 19th overall. Mr C was 2nd in rimfire Optics and was Top Senior. Debra was second in rimfire iron. So our 'super squad' did quite well.



Mr C


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Gail Wilson said...

Hey Keewee, how lucky for all of you to find a bit of sunshine for a change. But we also had sun on Saturday and flooding too. Great video girlfriend!!! Gail